Jeremy Ollayos, CPA

Assurance Senior Accountant

Jeremy Ollayos is a Senior Accountant in the Assurance Department at E. Cohen. He has over five years of experience planning and performing assurance engagements for a variety of clients, including nonpublic companies, not-for-profit entities, uniform guidance, and 401k audits.

His experience includes:

  • Performed both testing and walk-throughs of key internal control processes, including revenue / receivables, disbursements / payables, and payroll.
  • Prepared client financial statements based on information collected during audits and in accordance with latest auditing disclosure checklists.
  • Discussed audited financial statements with clients and answered client questions to ensure management was in a position to take responsibility for the statements in accordance with independence requirements.
  • Drafted communications to management and those charged with governance at the conclusion of the audit.
  • Identified and communicated to senior management of audit clients areas of improvement for existing internal control processes.
  • Assisted with the training and development of new staff, including reviewing staff work papers.
  • Researched and reviewed authoritative accounting literature (e.g. ASC and ASUs) to determine proper treatment of transactions / presentation & disclosure on the financial statements.
  • Interfaced with senior management of audit clients to maintain client relations and update them onstatus of ongoing engagements.

He holds a Masters of Science in Business (MSB) in Accounting from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland; and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dickinson College.