Alisa Raney

Director of Finance

Alisa Raney is the Director of Finance at E. Cohen and its subsidiaries. She has been with the firm for five years and has more than 20 years of experience in the accounting industry.

Her responsibilities at E. Cohen include managing, directing, and coordinating all of the firm’s financial functions. Through effective planning, she ensures that the firm’s departments are operating within acceptable standards, with an emphasis on checking compliance with department and company goals and budgets; identifying tools and systems to provide critical financial and operation information to top management; and identifying risks and opportunities for the firm.

She previously served as the Director of Administration and Operations of a firm with multiple offices across the east coast.

Alisa’s expertise is in leadership, business planning, and accounting and budgeting to identify strengths that increase companies’ efficiencies and profit levels. She is also a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.