Tax Services

Tax Debt Resolution Services

Do you or your company owe taxes that you are having trouble paying?
Our experienced tax team can resolve almost any tax problem.

Tax problems that are ignored will often result in the IRS taking aggressive action.

The IRS has many tools to collect the taxes you owe, such as:

  • Liens against your personal property;
  • Levies of your personal bank accounts, Social Security or Tax Refunds;
  • Seizure of your assets, such as cars; and
  • Wage Garnishment.

Using our knowledge, we will help you find the solution to your tax problems that is right for you.

Solutions to Your Tax Debt Problems

  • Offer in Compromise – where you may reduce the taxes you owe if the IRS accepts your offer;
  • Catching Up on Past Due Tax Returns – the IRS will often file returns for you, which will show you owe more taxes than you actually would if you filed your back tax returns;
  • Installment Agreements – where you pay a monthly bill to the IRS that fits in with your budget;
  • Penalty Abatement – we may be able to get rid of penalties, which usually are a significant amount of the total you owe to the IRS;
  • Uncollectable Status – if you do not have the financial ability to pay the IRS, then you may be able to stop collection activities against you;
  • Innocent Spouse Relief – helps you remove taxes due to the IRS that were due to your spouse’s abuse of the tax system; and
  • Audit Representation – to help lead you through an audit to limit your potential exposure and save you money.