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Launched in 2011 by E. Cohen as ECC IT Solutions, BinaryNetworks offers cost-effective and results-driven solutions to meet your emerging technology needs.

BinaryNetworks is a Rockville, MD business technology services firm specializing in managed IT support services, network security, cloud computing, data backup and storage protection, disaster recovery, computer upgrade and support services, and IT infrastructure assessment and design.

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Managed Services
  • Managed Services
  • Help Desk Support
  • Network Security
  • Server Maintenance
  • Cloud Computing
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    Managed Services

    A question we often get asked is: “Why use a managed services provider?”

    Companies often think it’s better and more cost-effective to pay as you go or bring it in-house – assuming managed services providers (MSP) are like insurance policies that may never be used. Technology is an integral part of nearly every business, and falling behind on critical tasks like backups, patches, and security could result in unexpected, prolonged, and costly outages that may negatively impact your business.

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    Help Desk Support

    Help Desk Support Services are an efficient way to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment or software.

    A combination of internal and remote IT help desk support offers immediate full or part-time help desk outsourcing, application support, center or service desk for your own employees or customers.

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    Network Security

    Computer Network Security consists of measures taken by a business, organization or other institution to monitor and prevent unauthorized access or misuse of a computer network and its resources.

    Computer Network Security management approaches have different requirements, depending on the size and physical setting of the network. A home or small office may only require basic computer network security, while large businesses may require high-maintenance and advanced software and hardware to prevent malicious attacks from hacking and spamming.

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    Server Maintenance

    Server maintenance involves keeping a server software updated and running so that a computer network can operate smoothly.

    Regular preventive maintenance will keep the application software running as expected and will help avoid a total or partial network failure.

    Server maintenance tasks include reviewing the server’s performance, ensuring that automated system monitoring utilities are properly installed and configured, identifying potential security risks and backing up data at regular intervals.

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    Cloud Computing

    ECC IT Solutions can help your business become more secure, reliable, and productive with cloud computing solutions while reducing your IT overhead and effort.

    Cloud computing services are increasingly being adopted by small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) due to their lower set-up and maintenance costs, popularity with employees, nearly automatic setup and simple installation.

    Cloud computing allows firms to outsource their computing needs and focus on their customers’ solutions. Depending on the need, there are various levels of cloud computing service that companies can take advantage of.

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Your Business IT Networks are Constantly at Risk!

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s list of business concerns.

There are too many ways that a network can be compromised to leave it to chance that nothing wrong is going on “behind the scenes.” Securing a company’s digital assets against loss, damage, or theft is essential to the well-being of every organization. That’s why your business needs a monthly security check-up.

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