PrimeGlobal Affiliation

Keeping E. Cohen Connected

PrimeGlobal believes in providing member firms with the tools, resources, and opportunities to make crucial, independent decisions.

PrimeGlobal is one of the top five largest associations of independent accounting firms worldwide, made up of more than 300 firms with a combined total of more than 930 locations in over 100 countries. During the past year, member firms had a combined total of over 3,000 partners and over 28,000 employees generating approximately USD $3.9 billion in annual revenues.

Our membership in PrimeGlobal gives us a wide range of tools and resources to help us source assistance for our clients and receive business referrals from around the world. We also use the services of PrimeGlobal to help us improve our firm’s operations, get answers to technical questions, and make excellent networking contacts with firms that have a huge range of expertise and jurisdictional experience.

This association also aids our International Tax Planning services.